How to Replace a Furnace Filter for Optimal Air Flow

Are you wondering in which direction the air flow arrow should point when replacing a furnace filter? The exact location of the filter will depend on the airflow configuration. It is important to deactivate the system before replacing the filter, as this will prevent dust and sand from entering the system. To begin, open the ventilation grille and remove the used filter. In a downflow configuration, your air controller or downflow furnace blows cooled or heated air downward. Oven filters are specifically designed to work in oven systems, so it is best to turn them off completely when replacing the filter.

The air filter is usually located inside the air duct system or the indoor HVAC unit itself. You may not have noticed it yet, but the air filters are located inside the indoor unit, just below the front panel. As mentioned above, oven filters are usually located near where cold air enters the oven, in the cold air return duct, or at the inlet of the fan chamber (or sometimes in both places). It is important to replace air filters regularly for the overall condition of your HVAC system and your family's health. Basic household air filters for ovens are designed to trap dust, dirt, and airborne particles before they enter the system and can damage the fan or heating coil. You can change the air filter in HVAC systems that use hot and cold air to condition the temperature.

When air filters are clogged, your HVAC system has to work harder to produce the same amount of air for your home. Studies show that medium-efficiency filters in the MERV range of 7 to 12 achieve the best balance between allergen removal and cost of the filter. When installing a new filter, make sure that the air flow arrows on its side point in the correct direction towards the fan and away from cold air. If you don't have access to your unit's instruction manual, most air filters are located in the oven fan compartment (remove the oven cover by lifting it up) or embedded in metal ducts before the fan. You may need to measure your air duct if you find that your filter is too small or too large.

Oven filters help keep your house cleaner by trapping dust, dirt, pollen, carpet fibers, pet dander and other airborne particles before they enter your system and damage your fan or heating coil.

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